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Get Your A** on the Phone

There are a ton of recruiting and sales tools on the market but nothing takes the place of your phone. As a Recruiting and Sales professional in the IT Staffing marketplace, the phone is your business partner and the most important tool in your toolbox. This is not a continuation of my blog artice The Number One Recruiting Tool for 2013 but it is a nice companion piece.





10 Attributes of a Fast Growing Company

Click on the image below to view Kmack’s 10 Attributes of a Fast Growing Company.


DFW IT Staffing’s Kevin Womack gives a list of the Top 10 Attributes of a Fast Growing Company….CHECK IT OUT!

Writing a resume? This is all you need to know

Whether you are a recruiter or a technical professional, the resume needs to……..


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Job Search and Resume Tips for 2013 IT Grads

Lately there has been an exorbitant amount of How To’s or Job Outlook information for new grads on Linkedin.

DFW IT Staffing would like to help 2013 IT Graduates by providing some basic tips on searching for jobs and getting your resume ready.





Tips for Recruiters to Stay on Top of Social Media [Video Interview]

The post below is actually a repost from Leslie Mason. This is a Video Interview / Blog that Leslie did for Bill Vick. A brief intro about Leslie Mason:

Leslie Mason is an Executive Recruiter for Intuit specializing in Social, Mobile, Global, Big Data and Saas. She has been recruiting in the DFW since 1990 and is an AWESOME recruiter and person. I am honored to have her permission to repost the article below. You can view Leslie’s Linkedin Profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/lesliemason


April 2, 2013  by

(Click on picture above to view video)

The most frequent comment I hear from recruiters when we talk about social media is that it takes too much time… they are super busy finding candidates and filling reqs and don’t have 2 -3 hours a day to spend on social channels, updating their statuses and broadcasting information.

While I agree that it takes a bit of time up front, once you have all your social profiles completed you really only need to spend 30 minutes a day monitoring and updating them.  I am a big believer in automating whenever possible and have found some great tools to help me navigate the social media waters.

First get all your profiles “social ready” especially your LinkedIn profile.  Make it easy for candidates to find you, have your LI Profile completely updated.  Make sure you are an open networker and your profile clearly spells out what you are recruiting for, what industries, etc. and how to contact you so candidates can find you.  I also use a one click LinkedIn invitation and post that on my profile so people will connect with me.  A friend of mine, Stacy Zapar, figured out a way to do it.  Here’s her article with instructions: http://www.stacyzapar.com/2010/12/how-to-be-linkedin-pro-create-one-click.html.

My favorite tool and secret weapon is the Bitly Bundle!  Keep all your current job openings in a bitly bundle and post it on your LinkedIn profile at the top of your summary.  You can tweet and post to Facebook directly from the bitly bundle.  I socialize my bundle every Friday so people can review my job openings over the weekend. It’s quick and easy and only takes one click.  Bitly also tracks analytics and creates a QR code for your jobs… very cool.

Some quick ways to automate are to follow blogs and online papers like Mashable, TechCrunch, Fortune, VentureBeat, INC.com, Wired, Engadget, etc.  Then use RSS feeds to Google Reader or Outlook.  You can quickly scan and click on interesting articles and then use a tool like Buffer App to schedule sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn and FB.  This is a free tool that allows you to schedule up to 10 articles at specified times each day.

HootSuite or TweetDeck are great tools to manage social feeds.  I use HootSuite and have linked it with my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Feeds.  I have tabs for each stream and can schedule posts to all of these networks, multiple times.  Bullhorn Reach is also a free service to automate job postings; it will send your jobs out to your specified networks at specified times.

People are visual… we find that candidates today want to see what it would be like to work with potential employers.  A great way to show your company’s culture is with Pinterest.  You can create Community Boards with pictures of your campus and candid pictures of employees having fun at work as well as videos from the hiring managers.  This gives candidates a peek behind the curtain, into your organization.

Remember the first rule of social is to build relationships!  We are not out there to be a job board aggregator.  Become a subject matter expert in your area… follow thought leaders, engage with them, comment on and share their articles.  You never know…one day you may get an invitation from Bill Vick to be interviewed.



Don’t get me started……..Rant on 3rd Party/H1 Candidates



I have a few issues to address with 3rd Party Sub-contracting companies………and I need to get them off my chest!

The Tour


Click on the image to start the video for The Tour

Click on the image to start the video for The Tour

This is the first official Video Blog or VLOG for DFW IT Staffing. I would like to thank everyone at Timberhorn for working with me on the video in the late afternoon*. Thanks everybody!

The Tour


Do you want to sell candidates on your environment and get a good feel on whether they will be a good culture fit for your company? If so, skip the same clichéd interview process and jump right into a tour of the office.


A few important things to remember when providing a Tour to a prospective candidate


  1. Show off your culture
  2. Make the candidate aware of your “amenities”
  3. Introduce the prospective candidate to their teammates, leaders and back office professionals
  4. Take the candidate to their workspace
  5. Show off any awards, accolades, recommendations, etc.


These are only a few things that can help you solidify a candidate’s interest. The candidate still needs be a part of the regular interview process but try STARTING with the tour and see what happens.



*I want to make sure that everyone that views the video is aware that Whitney wasn’t actually drinking beer at 11:30AM.


Things that we should be doing every year……….2013 and Beyond

Are you getting tired of the What, When, Where and How Lists of 2013 yet?

How about a list of things that are needed ALL OF THE TIME?

Here ya go:


  1. Working on your client relationships – Develop the relationship regardless if your client has current needs or not. Too often, Account Managers and Recruiters call and visit clients ONLY when they have needs. Remember to maintain the relationships with your clients regardless if they have needs TODAY. Always inquire about current needs but let the client know that you are there for them regardless.


  1. Interview Preps – One of the most important things you can do for your candidate is giving them a heads up on client questions, company culture and any additional information that will help them with their interview.


  1. Interview Feedback – Make contact with your candidates after the interview (the sooner the better). You can determine interest level and close down specifics (pay, start date, etc.). You can also run point with the client on any concerns that arose during the interview. Interview Feedback is even more important than the Prep.


  1. Reduce the number of 3rd Party companies that you use - I can’t stress this enough! Work with local providers and be VERY skeptical of 3rd Party companies that will randomly email resumes and contact you with H1 candidates. Use a provider that you trust and one that has proven that they can deliver…..ask for references and test them by requesting local candidates.


  1. Spend money to make money – This saying is a cliché for a reason. Invest in opportunities to spend time with your clients and candidates. Lunches, Ball Games and Happy Hours are great ways to spend time with your clients. If your clients can’t get away, cater breakfast or lunch for the client’s team. Build relationships by spending quality time.


  1. Get Social, Mobile and VISUAL – Get your job postings, company events and culture on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Take pictures of events and every day workplace “happenings”. You can’t be relevant if you don’t have a great Social Presence.


  1. Corporate Culture – Get one………..and hope it’s the right one. I don’t have a magic potion or silver bullet for you. You either have the kind of corporate culture that people like or you don’t………don’t know what else I could tell you


  1. Candidate value adds – It’s not enough to have great compensation for candidates, you must also have great benefits, training,      flexibility and the ability to recognize that some things like quality of life or technology might be more important to one person over another. In this day and age, you can’t be ALL things to ALL people but it doesn’t hurt to try. Recognize that Millennials, GenX and The Greatest Generation all have different motivating factors and desires.


  1. Get a Sense of Urgency – Good people are hard to find and, in DFW, good technical people don’t last long. Get the process moving quickly and shorten the life cycle by getting interviews set up and decision timelines nailed down. Keep in contact with candidates at all times during the process so you are not SURPRISED if they take another offer.


  1. One “No” at a company does not make a company policy – Don’t assume when you talk to one hiring manager that has nothing going on that the whole friggin company is not hiring. Contact as many decision makers within the organization that you possibly can. Once you have exhausted all of the contacts, make a determination on what’s going on. If you cannot get any traction, trade the company and/or contacts with someone else because………….sometimes the issue may just be YOU and the client may need to see a fresh face or get a fresh perspective

Have a great 2013 and, if you can take away one thing from this story, it’s this………WU-TANG!